While shopping over the internet is easy, convenient, and can sometimes save you money, you should NEVER buy a wedding gown over the internet.

The internet is filled with discounters who claim to have the "real thing", but these are nothing more than cheap copies of designer dresses. The dresses arrive in a brown box inside out, wrinkled, and are usually incredibly poor quality. It is not unheard of the dress being sewn together incorrectly with beads glued on instead of sewn on and it falling apart on you.

Not what you might have imagined for the dress of the most important day of your life.
There are also many occasions where the dress doesn’t turn up at all and if it does, the sizing is all wrong.
There are so many benefits to purchasing from a bridal shop. We are here support you throughout the process. A bridal consultant is there to help you choose a gown that is appropriate for the day, your style, body type, and budget. We will also use our expertise to help you choose all of your accessories for that day. We offer a full alterations service and the gown stays here until the wedding.

When you pick up your gown the week of your wedding, it is steamed and pressed and picture ready!

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