Nov 05, 2020

On 5th November 2020 we officially and very proudly celebrated '10 years of Bicester Bridal'!!! 

I had so much planned to mark the occasion but it wasn’t to be due to lockdown, so we had a very small celebration with just staff in the boutique instead, with some bubbles and cupcakes (and masks...who could have ever predicted that!!??) .


I have loved every moment ( of the last 10 years and have met so many amazing girls, some of whom have since become good friends. And the things I’ve learned in the changing room during our chats I could write a book about (Don’t worry, I’ll take those secrets to my grave!!). I started my bridal shop journey in a gorgeous and quaint Georgian listed building but soon grew out of the space and was lucky enough to find the amazing (and very large!) boutique that I have now. 6 years ago, after lots of refurbishment and hard graft, I opened the doors to what is the current Bicester Bridal where I have shared so much fun and happiness with brides, colleagues and friends.


I never underestimate the honour it is to be such a big part of a brides journey, and on the very occasional ‘bad day’, I only have to look at the huge amount of thank you cards, photos and letters that we have received to make me remember why I do this unique and wonderfully fulfilling job.


A huge thank you too to all of the members of staff who have helped me over the years, to say we always have fun is an understatement!! Currently I have to thank the amazing Carly who always comes to work with a big smile, a great outfit and a bag of sweets! And without Carly our social media would be almost non-existent!!


This year has been a very strange one but I can’t wait to get back to the boutique for what is hopefully a New Year, New Start!!!!


Love Maddy...💕