The ‘Miniwed’ Concept

The ‘Miniwed’ Concept. Mobile Image

Nov 27, 2020

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt by all of us with many aspects of our lives being affected…in some cases for the better! One area that has seen a huge change is that of weddings, with many restrictions now being in place such as numbers of guests allowed to attend and the type of celebration that you are permitted to have. Some brides-to-be are putting the brakes on their planning until some sort of normality resumes, however many are turning the situation into a positive and are embracing the new #miniwed concept. A small wedding doesn’t mean less special and often a more intimate occasion can have an enhanced romantic feel, with the focus being on just the two of you and your very closest people sharing your day! So to keep in line with the simplicity of a smaller wedding, we have seen a big rise in brides opting for a more relaxed vibe when it comes to choosing their wedding dress, with the spotlight being on ‘less is more’. This can mean less detailed fabrics like crepe, satin and mikado but with an added elegant feature such as a bow at the back, or buttons along the whole length of the train. Maybe a fluffy fur wrap to go around your shoulders, or even a feather detail for the hair? And if you’re looking for an extra ‘wow’, why not go for some amazing brightly coloured shoes or a beautiful statement necklace...after all Christmas is coming and its something to put on the gift wishlist!