The ‘New’ Bridal Appointment

The ‘New’ Bridal Appointment

The ‘New’ Bridal Appointment. Mobile Image

May 19, 2020

So we’re counting down the days until we can officially re-open the boutique and we can’t wait to get back in and to start helping our brides to find their dream dresses! We have always taken pride in giving a bespoke and personal one-to-one expert service and we will ensure this continues, we know how important this step of the ‘bridal journey’ is! We are all coming to terms with the changes that we need to make in our lives to keep ourselves and families safe and boutiques such as ours are also having to evolve and adapt to a different way of doing things.


So what will the ‘new’ bridal appointment look like? Well, amongst some of the changes, visitor numbers to the boutique will be limited to one ‘star’ guest, the person whose opinion you trust more than anyone’s and the person who you want with you when you get that tingly feeling having found The Dress! This doesn’t mean that it only has to be the two of you who share the experience though, as you can get everyone else involved on a Skype or Facetime call…the advantages of technology (and we’re all pro’s now after our online Saturday night family quizzes)!


Your star guest will be much more involved in the fitting now as we maintain a ’social distance’. Closely guided by us they will be called upon to pinch and clip the dresses to make them fit perfectly and style you with carefully selected accessories…never before have fittings had such a personal touch with your closest people.


Relaxation and calm at every appointment as you and your guest will have exclusive use of the whole boutique along with your dedicated, personal bridal consultant helping you at every stage. The door will be locked throughout to ensure your privacy and so that your stylist can focus solely on you…as you deserve!


Looking forward to coming in? We cannot wait to meet you!