Frequently Asked Questions

Most brides usually start looking for their dress up to 18 months in advance, however we recommend a bride order her dress no later than 6 months before the wedding.

Many brides don't know that wedding gowns can take up to 5 months to arrive! This then allows adequate time for the dress to come in and alterations to be completed. 

If however you have less than 6 months, don’t worry….some of our designers offer a ‘rush’ service and we also have a selection of dresses in the shop that are ‘ready to wear’ or available in as little as 4 weeks.

No. Because new designs arrive every few weeks, a catalogue would become outdated very quickly. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest styles arriving in the shop as we keep this regularly updated with pictures!

While during the week appointments are not required, we highly recommend you make one so that we are better able to give you our undivided attention.

During an appointment we lock our door to allow our bride and her friends and family complete privacy, therefore if you arrive when someone else is having their fitting, we will ask you to pop back another time.

Appointments are required for Saturdays and Sundays.

Purchasing your wedding gown is a very important experience and you want the people with you whose opinions you trust!

We recommend you bring just a few close friends or family members as in our experience when there are lots of people, it can sometimes be very overwhelming having so many differing opinions.

By bringing those closest to you, you are able to focus on what is really important, finding the gown of your dreams!

We recommend that you wear a strapless bra and if you have something special that you plan on wearing on the big day, such as family jewelry or a veil, please bring that too!

Come with an open mind! Every dress looks different when it is tried on and unless you already know what style suits you, be prepared to try different styles,  that way you’ll know when you try on the perfect dress. Eliminating styles is just as important as finding the styles you like in the search for your perfect dress. 

Speak to us! – we will not pressure you in any way, tell us what you like and don’t like and we can help you select dresses. We know the dresses and how they fit and will advise you on what will suit your shape. If you have a budget in mind, please tell us, as in most cases we will be able to suggest alternatives that will fit with your budget. 

Our bridal appointments last an hour and a half which is plenty of time for an initial consultation and for you to try on a good selection of dresses in a variety of styles.

While shopping over the internet is easy, convenient, and can sometimes save you money, you should NEVER buy a wedding gown over the internet.

The internet is filled with discounters who claim to have the "real thing", but these are nothing more than cheap copies of designer dresses. The dresses arrive in a brown box inside out, wrinkled, and are usually incredibly poor quality. It is not unheard of the dress being sewn together incorrectly with beads glued on instead of sewn on and it falling apart on you.

Not what you might have imagined for the dress of the most important day of your life.
There are also many occasions where the dress doesn’t turn up at all and if it does, the sizing is all wrong.
There are so many benefits to purchasing from a bridal shop. We are here support you throughout the process. A bridal consultant is there to help you choose a gown that is appropriate for the day, your style, body type, and budget. We will also use our expertise to help you choose all of your accessories for that day. We offer a full alterations service and the gown stays here until the wedding.

When you pick up your gown the week of your wedding, it is steamed and pressed and picture ready!

At the point that you order your wedding dress, we take a 50% deposit. The balance for the dress is then paid once the dress has arrived and at the time you come for your first fitting.

Unfortunately a deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Alterations are an extra service that we offer and are priced as a 'package'. Once you have chosen your dress we will discuss the best package option for your dress which depends on the amount of work involved. The alterations package is paid at the time you come for a first fitting. If you choose the package option your dress will then stay with us until the day before your wedding (or when you require it) as the price includes storage. If not you will need to take your dress away with you after the first fitting and arrange alterations independently (we are happy to recommend a seamstress).

If you have plenty of time before your wedding, we can take your order and deposit to secure the dress style that you have chosen and we can then take your measurements a bit nearer the time, although still allowing a minimum of 6 months.

Once measurements have been taken, we order a dress to your nearest size and at this point we ask to try to maintain the shape you are.

If however you do change shape slightly, the dress can be altered but please be aware that altering a dress too much is not advisable (i.e 2 or 3 dress sizes)

Your shoes will determine you hem length, so ideally get your wedding day shoes before your first fitting (don't forget to take them with you!).

At the very least, you need to know the heel high of your intended shoes, and either take or borrow a pair with the same heel height to your fittings until you purchase the actual shoes you will wear.

We do have sample shoes in the shop for you to borrow if you wish, but please advise us if you intend to have a different heel height.

Each manufacturer has their own size charts, and measurements do vary considerably from one designer to another.

It’s best not to assume that you will be the same size in a bridal gown as in High Street clothes.

We have a very reputable bridal seamstress who we work with regularly; she attends the fittings in our shop and then undertakes the alterations in her own work studio.

Alternatively, you are welcome to use any seamstress you may already know of. If you use our alterations service, we usually have the first alteration fitting approximately 6 weeks before your wedding and then do a final fitting the week of your wedding, with additional fittings in between these times.

This may all seem a bit close to the big day, but many brides alter in shape in the last few weeks therefore we feel that a fitting as close as possible to your wedding day will ensure that the dress fits perfectly.

Hot climates can make some dresses more uncomfortable than others. A light fabric can make all the difference to the comfort factor for your big day.

We have a range of dresses in store particularly suitable for weddings abroad. Most of these are made from  light chiffon or organza fabrics which are also easier to transport and less prone to creasing.

These dresses come with very small trains, or without. Any dress can have the train removed by a seamstress if you prefer.

We get new stock at least every couple of months, so if you like our service, but don’t quite find ‘the dress’ we encourage you to either come back, or tell us specifically what you are looking for and we will contact you if something meeting your requirements comes in. 

If you have seen a specific dress by one of our designers that you want to try, let us know! We can usually arrange to borrow a sample if we don’t already have it in the shop.

Sorry, no, we only sell dresses direct from the store.

Yes, we have a range of bridesmaids and flower girl dresses ranging from size 0-3 Months to adult.

Most of the dresses can made in colours to match your theme.

There is a Sainsbury's multi storey car-park just a short walk from Bicester Bridal which offers 2 hours free parking. The entrance is just before the traffic lights and bus-stops as detailed above.
***** Please note that there is no parking at the rear of Bicester Bridal, this car-park is controlled by an external ANPR and if you enter you will receive a fine*****